The Forum is organized by the EUMMAS Academic and Business Consortia and hosted by Skyline University College. The event is going to be organized as an Academe2Society (A2S) EUMMAS Concept Conference formulating a unique and innovative approach to cooperation between Academia and Society. 

All Business and Public Administration Delegates are welcome to attend: Plenary session, Academic conference sessions, Gala Dinner and the Women’s Forum.

Forum structure

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion:  Challenges and Strategies for Success in the Current Economic Climate

Duration: 2 hours

Part I:  Key challenges faced by organisations in the present era.  Our world has changed significantly.  In light of the recent events including Covid, the war in Ukraine, Global Warming, every country and every organisation has been impacted.  The manner in which business is conducted is changing.  Not only the private sector firms, but also the public sector organisations are facing new challenges.  The first part of the panel discussion will examine the key challenges that organisations are facing. 

Part II:  Strategies for success.  Based on the challenges discussed in part 1, the panel will now look at strategies to tackle these challenges.  All types of organisations (not-for-profit, government, SMEs, large multinationals, etc) need to rethink they way they manage themselves.  In particular the focus will be developing long-term strategies for success.


Title: Customer Excellence Best Practices in the Post Covid Era

Duration: 3 hours

Focus of the workshop is on the Customer is an important strategy used by organisations, however, this focus is facing new challenges in the post Covid world.   This mini workshop will look at some of the challenges faced by organisations (both public and private) in the post Covid era.  Moreover we will discuss some of the key best practices, and how these best practices are enabling organisations to develop strategic competitive advantages. The webinar will be held by professor Khan. 


Early bird registration till December 21, 2022 ($290)

Regular registration December 22, 2022 – February 21, 2023 ($350)

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