(Guidelines For Dubai2023 Conference ONLY)

The competition presents an opportunity for young researchers to show case their research work as part of EUMMAS A2S Conference on Global Social and Technological Development and Sustainability, Dubai, 2023 hosted by Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE in association with EUMMAS to be held between 21-23 February, 2023. The Young Researcher Competition aims to identify exceptional and enthusiastic young researchers in the area of business and management.  Young researchers participating in this event are expected to demonstrate their enthusiasm and interest in high quality academic research. The competition provides an opportunity for young researchers to win exciting awards for exceptionally good research output.

The competition invites best research papers/thesis/dissertations in the field of management, IT, business administration, marketing, public administration and any other related areas.

Date: February 21, 2023

Mode of presentation: Onsite or Online (Those who cannot physically present their research at the venue can present through online mode.

Fee: Author (Student) $60; You can make payment online or request an invoice for payment by bank transfer via email dubai2023.eummasconference@skylineuniversity.ac.ae Students from the EUMMAS Academic Consortium Institutions are exempted from paying the fee.

Venue for physical presentations: Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE


Term ‘’Young researcher’’ refers to students of Master’s or Doctoral studies.

To be eligible for the competition the applicant must be registered as a student pursuing an undergraduate, masters or PhD program in any of the higher learning institutions (The authorities conducting this event may ask the participants to present their valid Student ID as a proof, if required).  

For this competition all author and coauthors must be students, and only student must be responsible for the oral or poster presentation of the paper at the conference.

Young researcher who is an author / co-author of a research proposal / abstract / full paper can participate in this competition. One author / co-author can participate and present only one research paper. The submission should be an original work of student(s).

The relevant registration fee for participation in the competition must be paid by the participant or by anyone on behalf of the participant, prior to the conference. Spot registrations are not allowed.

Selection Process/Criteria

  • The Jury will consist of four distinguished professors and/or officials of the SUC and EUMMAS who are not in any way related or connected to the competitors.
  • In case of the larger number of participants, the Jury makes a preselection process and only five best works, from each academic level and study field, will be presented.
  • Each Jury member will obtain a list of works that are accepted for the Young Researchers Competition and has to evaluate and assign from 0 to 5 points for each of the following:
    • the scientific level of the presented work,
    • the presentation,
    • the quality of given answers and discussion.
  • In case of an equal number of points, the Jury makes the final decision by reaching a consensus. If it is not possible, the final decision will be made by the Presidency of the Academic Consortium.
  • The ranking list of young researchers will be made according to the results and will be published on the Association’s website, the Academic Consortium section.
  • Participants have the right to lodge a complaint within 90 minutes after the results are published.
  • The winners receive a plaque and public recognition.

The Young Researcher Award

There are three attractive awards and a personalized certificate for the best, second best, and third best work and presentation. SUC and EUMMAS Academic Consortium Presidency is responsible for the organization of the competition.